My name is Ashley Saies and I was born in Berri, South Australia, Australia in 1946. I live in Adelaide, South Australia so some of my references and links will pertain to people, places or businesses in South Australia.

People who know me acknowledge that I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and am recognised by my peers as an avid researcher and well read. I subscribe to numerous web sites, ranging from medical, esoteric, scientific, environmental and spiritual and have acquired a wealth of knowledge in my sixty four years, liking nothing more than a good robust discussion, whilst respecting alternate opinions.

Throughout my career I worked in a diverse range of industries ranging from manufacturing, engineering, coach (tourist) building, mining and quarrying, community services, insurance, workers compensation and currently in the disability sector in such capacities as members of both staff and management personnel within the public and private sectors. I also had my own small business importing a range of products from Bali.

My work took me to regional places like Kambalda and Kalgoorlie in Western Australia where my family and I spent nine years. The learning experience was invaluable; perhaps it was there where I most learnt about respect for the individual and tolerance of others because of the diverse ethnicity of the respective townships.

I have always had the desire to assist humanity achieve a better quality of life and am recognised by my peers as being able to demonstrate empathy, compassion and humility which are values that have helped me achieve this outcome.

When at twenty seven years of age I was ridiculed for wanting to achieve peace of mind I felt my world crumble down around my shoulders and let the desire fade into the shadows.

However, at fifty eight years of age the desire was rekindled, when during a personal crisis, I experienced my first Reiki healing which set me upon my Spiritual Path.

Since that time I have attended many complimentary and alternative therapy workshops thereby opening me up to new and wonderful experiences. I attained my Reiki Masters on the 2nd November 2010. Typical of the workshops I have attended are Thought Field Therapy, Shamanic Healing Level 1 and Level 2, Calm Abiding Mediation, Man’s Inner Journey, Psychic Development and Soul Life.

Most of my working life involved analytical work which meant I was predominantly functioning from within my left brain. However, the workshops taught me to function more from within my heart and right brain thereby giving me more balance.

I embrace the Buddhism Philosophy of Life since the essence of tranqulity, serentiy and humility resonates with my Soul.

It is my intention to have my own healing practice which is reflected in my Vision and Mission statements and I am currently working towards making this transition.

I have two adult daughters of whom I am so very proud and four grandsons whose ages range from four years of age to twenty years of age all of whom I dearly love.

Following on I have chosen to include some excerpts from the book I am writing since it gives a glimpse of my early childhood and also one when an Apprentice Fitter and Turner. One can only but ponder how they may have influenced my life's journey.