FEET FIRST INTO THE WORLD (The relevance of a breech birth)

Breech birth can be a particularly difficult transition for both mother and infant. The infant presents feet first rather than head first. This can represent a pattern of major resistance to change, meaning this will be a life long theme that the person will be asked to go beyond. The symbolism of this type of birth is the easiest to see. It is almost as if the infant has the brakes on, putting his feet first for leverage in order to dig in as he struggles against the inevitable by putting up a good fight. These are adults who only seem to come "kicking and screaming.” There appears to be great resistance to coming out, to evolving, to growing up. As teenagers they may strongly resist the fact that they are growing up and have to leave the "things of childhood” behind. They will want to control things immediately, because things were so out of control at their birth. As adults they think they have to struggle with life, and they do, because they resist life and where it is taking them. Their motto needs to become "Let go and let God” or "Let go and Trust”, because there is much unacknowledged fear in the psyche of these people. The resistance of course comes from hidden fear and this creates pain and struggle.

Another probability with a breech birth can be that they feel confused about which way to go and that is what caused the breech. Thus in life they can often feel confused about which way to go and seem to sabotage their progress in life because of the indecision, self doubt and uncertainty. Also they can feel that they are doing things the "wrong way” and thus live life the wrong way or "never seem to do it right.” Or else they can feel that they are wrong in some way.

Breech birthees may well "put the brakes on” and tend to resist the constant changes in their life. They may find it difficult to times of transition, for example, changing schools or growing into the teenage years. They find it difficult to let go of fixed ideas and beliefs about themselves and the world, as they are asked by their life’s journey to let go of the old and open to the new, in order to expand their experience and knowledge. These people need to realize when something is no longer serving them that they have outgrown it. When something becomes very uncomfortable because they have outgrown it and are now being limited by it – they need to allow themselves to let go of it in order to allow for growth, freedom and expansion of their life and themselves. This could be a relationship, a job, a living abode or arrangement, a fixed way of doing something, a value, a belief or philosophy, a style or mode of living – something that in the past kept them safe, self-sustained and nurtured, (as the womb did). Their stubbornness and their willfulness can work against them in "doing it their way” and rebelling against the Greater Will of their lives which is what would give them what they really want any way. They just need to practice trusting, letting go and "going with the flow.” This will be a practice of discipline for them. Discipline in letting go, and relaxing into life. Sounds like a contradiction in terms doesn’t! How is that for a challenge and in the mean time life goes on. Time waits for no one.