It was 1957, when I was eleven years old and black and white television had just been introduced into Australia and Adelaide received its very first transmission. Since my mother and father did not have a television set in those early days of television I was allowed to go and stand outside the local electrical shop and watch television through the window. It was safe there because there was a crowd of people standing around and it was not yet dark. I was allowed to go and watch television on the proviso that I came home before darkness fell.

Over several evenings, I would stand there goggle eyed, mouth agape and mesmerized along with the other children. I can not to this day recall what the programs were that I watched; however I could not get to school fast enough the following morning to discuss the programs I had seen the night before with my school mates; "Did you see that?” "What about that and .. and .. and”.. we excitedly exclaimed, "Wow!” And so night after night I would stand there watching television.

The crowd began to increase in numbers and even adults began to gather to watch television. We excitedly chatted amongst ourselves waiting for this program or that program to start. Yes, even though television had only been transmitting for some three weeks we each had our own favorite program.
The same familiar faces appeared again and again, night after night; these were the regulars who had become addicted to watching television even in those early days. It was as though we had become a Clayton's family. On the odd occasion a new face would appear in the crowd and come and go.

However, there came the night came when a new face appeared; he was reasonably well dressed and engaged the crowd in conversation. He spoke with the adults and children alike however he seemed to be spending more time talking to the children. Other than that I had not been paying particular attention to him until he walked up to me and engaged me in conversation about that which were watching. He was polite, softly spoken and had a pleasant and disarming smile. He abruptly broke off the conversation and exclaimed "Look at that!" pointing in the direction of the television set that was looking back at me. I turned to look at the television set and as I did the man's arm with which he was pointing dropped away and I felt him grasp my genital area.

Although I was crippled with fear my immediate reaction was to knock his hand away and as I did so I shouted, "Don't do that, don’t do that!" The crowd was so transfixed with the television set that by the time they had realised what had happened the man had run off down the street around the corner and out of sight. I was very upset and began to cry. Some of the people in the crowd tried to comfort me however I was too upset, I hurriedly turned away and began running home all the while sobbing and thinking why, why, why, oh why did you touch me there!