I once owned a small business called Bali Hi Imports which imported a range of products from Bali.

During a business trip to Bali I sustained a wry neck and was in considerable discomfort. My agent told me that he knew of an Ancient Oriental Healer whom he highly recommended. I had an open mind to such matters and willingly agreed to consult with him and an appointment was made; his name being Yanto Irjanto.

Upon arrival on the respective date I was ushered into Irjanto’s waiting room and immediately a tranquil and serene presence permeated my being. We arrived early so I sat there and allowed the presence to further permeate my being, taking in all the senses around me like a dry sponge.

Now and again this man of lean, sinewy yet muscly body of lithe appearance with soft jet black hair caressing his shoulders and glowing skin would exit the consulting room and bound up a flight of stairs two steps at time. This was in contrast to the omni presence he exuded as he walked from the consulting room to the beginning of the stairs. My agent told me that this man was Irjanto and when I asked him how old Irjanto was he told me that he was fifty five years old. I was surprised since I had thought him to be forty to forty five years old.

My time had arrived and in a gentle and soft yet assertive voice Irjanto ushered me in to his consulting room. He exuded tranquillity, serenity, calmness and humility values to which I uphold and aspire. The room was plain and sparse yet it exuded Irjanto’s persona. I immediately felt very safe and secure in his presence and had every confidence that he could assist me.

Irjanto took a personal history and diagnosed a wry neck. He then asked me what I was searching for and I repeated that I had come to him for treatment of my wry neck.

He then said, ‘Ashley please listen to the question I am about to ask you again, what are you searching for?’

I was somewhat perplexed and he sensed this. He then said, ‘Ashley, I am aware that you are searching for something and I believe I know what it is that you are searching for, however I need you to tell me.’

I had an Aha moment. I blurted out ‘I am searching for peace of mind.’ Refer to the ‘From the Forward of my Book’ page of About Ashley of this web site.
He then asked me had I ever experienced a moment of peace to which I responded no. He responded that should time allow at the end of the treatment and before the next client arrives he will, with my approval, give me an experience of peace. I was excited at the prospect and agreed to do so.

At the conclusion of the treatment time permitted.

He asked me to relax and commence a deep slow rhythmic breathing and to focus on my breathing at all times. I immediately commenced Perfect Round Breathing about which I speak on this web site. He then gently cupped the nape of my neck in his soft sinewy hands and began gently massaging my cervical spine. I lapsed into a state of unconsciousness, of nothingness within seconds.

I then experienced a sense of weightlessness and a sensation as if I was rising up off the massage table. In my minds eye I looked down and saw that I was rising up off the massage table, I was not afraid, I was euphoric, fully embraced the moment and wanted to ‘go all the way’ whatever that meant.
Some time later a soft gentle voice was calling to me, ‘Ashley it’s time to come back.’ I did not want to ‘come back’ and ignored the voice calling me to do so. This continued for a moment or so, each time the voice becoming more and more assertive and a little louder until such time as I awoke. It was an incredulous, wondrous and spiritual experience. We embraced and I felt a surge of energy permeated my body. Tears of joy welled up in my eyes.

In hind sight I would now believe it was a state of Bliss; it was euphoric!

Yanto Irjanto an Ancient Oriental Healer is based in Kuta and for those of you who may be interested in having a healing with Yanto here are his details:

J1 Werkudara Gg. Bintang No. 2 Legian Kaja – Kuta – Bali

Tel/Fax (0361) 732136 Mobile 0812 361 1979

which is within short walking distance from the Kumala and Jayakata hotels.

His e-mail address is Irjanto@telkom.net