The public is becoming increasingly more aware of animal cruelty whether it is the extremely confined pig stalls, the appalling conditions of egg production, the slush and quagmire of cattle feed lots and live animal export in the production of food on factory farms and transportation for we humans .

Time and agin we are confronted with extremely distressing evidence of the appalling treatment of pigs, chickens, cattle and sheep. We are told that to do it any other way would make the cost of the resultant product prohibitive. This is a lame argument and I refer you to the documentary Food Inc and the web site of Animals Australia and let you be the judge.
Here are the respective links:
Food Inc

Animals Australia

and its why veg web site


Here is an interesting clip from regarding pig farms.
An article just published in Scientific American says that American pig farms are virtually "flu factories." Industry results of pig flu tests are kept confidential, and the pork industry is reluctant to share data with health official.

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