Is a feature length documentary which covers all aspects of holistic cancer treatments and the main causes of cancer. More than 30 Presenters, leading doctors in the field of holistic cancer treatments, Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Scientists, Health Advocates, Psychologists share their knowledge with you how to prevent and reverse cancer.

This film gives you insights about our present health system and the undeniable mistakes in treating cancer as well as a comprehensive holistic healing approach to cancer never seen before. "CANCER Is Curable NOW" informs about all options you have for you and your family's health in treating or preventing cancer and degenerative diseases in general.

"The success of a Treatment is not dependent on the Treatment but on the Education the patient receives at the same time". Sabrina Freudemann

It was recorded in Australia, India, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, Swiss, Italy, Mexico, USA and Canada over a period of 2 years. In total we have interviewed 89 cancer specialists and have visited 53 clinics. We have also spoken to many cancer survivors named by the individual clinics. With 31 leading global cancer experts, scientists, doctors and authors "CANCER Is Curable NOW" is the most comprehensive and conclusive documentary about CANCER and HOLISTIC CANCER TREATMENTS ever made.

Additional to a multitude of physical and dietary treatments this groundbreaking documentary uncovers the various problems, physical and emotional, that promote and cause cancer. This documentary will empower you to take charge of your own health. It will teach you how to discern clearly what will heal and what will damage your body's innate ability to heal, so you won't be a victim of this greedy medical system. The human physique and its emotional imbalances are a key focus point for many of the cancer experts as a healthy mind-body connection is necessary for a patient to recover and stay well.

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