Professor Samuel Epstein has written a gripping, thought provoking and confronting book tilted 'National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society - Criminal Indifference to Cancer Prevention and Conflicts of Interest' (published 2011) that provides a graphic insight into the machinations, hypocrisy and nonsensical 'spin' of the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society.

About the book

Despite decades of false assurances, we are losing the winnable war against cancer. The hand-in-glove generals of the federal National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the ‘non-profit’ American Cancer Society (ACS) have betrayed us. These institutions have spent tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer and charity dollars, promoting treatment, while ignoring strategies for preventing cancer, other than quitting smoking. As a result, cancer rates have escalated to epidemic proportions, now striking nearly one in two men and more than one in three women. Paradoxically and criminally, the more we spend on fighting cancer, the more cancer we get.

And there is much more. The NCI and ACS are rife with conflicts of interest with the cancer drug industry. This book also details how the NCI and ACS are sitting on mountains of information on avoidable causes of cancer, while failing to act on this and making it available to Congress and the public.

This book explains how we can win this war against cancer with strategies including ‘right-to-know’ laws, ensuring public dissemination of critical information on avoidable causes of cancer, and Congressional reform to ensure that the NCI protects the public rather than special interests. 

About Professor Samuel Epstein: 

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Also "The Stop Cancer Before it Starts Campaign - How to Win the Losing War against Cancer' 

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