Dr Buttar’s introductory comments of his DVD ‘Cancer - The untold Truth’:

 ‘When we are born we have the immune system that is trying to defend the body and then we have the normal living in modern day society which is plagued by all sorts of toxicity. These toxicities, especially the metals and persistent organic pollutants and then secondarily the suppressed immune system so that the opportunistic infections, the viruses, the fungi, the parasites and bacteria that set in. Then with time, stress, normal wear and tear of the body and the environmental toxins the immune system becomes weakened as the toxicity levels start to rise. Then when they hit a point of ‘balance’ that’s when the process of oncogenesis is starting.

From the day we are born we have cancer cells in our system. Cancer is the uncontrolled cellular proliferation suppression of apoptosis (programmed cell death) a process called oncogenesis. The normal process in our body is to suppress cells that are rapidly growing in an uncontrolled manner and apoptosis is a normal suicide program where the normal cells process inside becomes awry that the cell is now defined as a cancer cell or an abnormal cell and will self destruct in order to protect the system. In cancer there is a suppression of that so you have a suppression of the suicide program and you have an uncontrolled proliferation uncontrolled growth. Those problems are beginning to become established when the immune system and the toxicity levels get to a point of ‘balance’. Now from here when the oncogenesis process starts, that’s when the cancer is taking hold and it may be 5, 10 or 15 years after the cancer process started that the doctor may find the tumor or the patient may find the mass etc. So it’s that balance point that we want to hit at we want basically prevent the immune system from dropping below that critical point and the toxicity level we want to prevent it from accumulating beyond that point.

We are very very advanced when it comes to medicine when it comes to trauma for instance. If we are shot in the chest point blank with a shot gun there are no herbs that are going to stem that bleeding or repair that chest. Those types of advances that have been done in medicine are phenomenal. But when it comes to chronic insidious disease we are archaic (my emphasis), we’re going backwards.
We are more barbaric (my emphasis) today than we were 20 years ago.

The incidence of cancer after US$47 trillion dollars is higher today and it is continuing to increase no matter what they say in statistics.'

Dr Buttar then goes on to discuss his 5 Step Process ‘A Non Traditional Medical Approach to the Treatment of Cancer’.

Step 1 – Clean the system
Detoxify the biological system (long term) getting rid of the metals.

Step 2 – Optimize the system
Reconfigure the physiological environment (the body’s own environment)
Reconfigure the physiological environment by making sure that the balance is optimum by making sure it is inhospitable to cancer.

Step 3 – Repair the system
Rebuild and stimulate the immune system
Cancer is defined as an immune compromised state.Immune modulating peptide analog etc

Step 4 – Identify the cancer
Target acquisition of the cancer
Cancer actually has a method of mimicking something that is endogenous in our system in order to prevent the body from fighting it.
A cancer almost mimics a fetus. Although it is a lot more complicated, general markers of cancer Alpha fetoprotein and human chorionic gonadotropin both of which are markers of pregnancy. However they are also very commonly seen in cancer because the cancer is trying to protect itself. So we have to show the body that the cancer is foreign and we do that by the target acquisition method.

Step 5 – Maintenance
To sustain the changes achieves with the first four steps.Maintenance is a very crucial component of treatment.

Common characteristics of cancer.
· Uncontrolled cellular proliferation
· Suppression of apoptosis
· Anaerobic metabolism
· Results from specific environment states (from within our body)
· Opportunistic process
· Inflammatory process
· Associated with hyperinsulinemic state during the early stages of cancer
· Associated with high levels of IGF – 1 (insulin growth factor)
· Obligate sugar feeder

There are only five substances that can supposedly permeate a cancer cell
 · Water
· Vitamin C
· Glucose
· Rhybidium
· Cesium

DR Buttar states:

'The real issue is what causes cancer. People say, "We don’t really know whatcauses cancer.” That’s what the big picture out is, that "we really don’t knowwhat causes cancer. We’re against cancer and we’re going to stamp it with thischemo, radiation, and surgery.”

The cause of cancer is very, very clear. You’d have to be an absolute imbecile not to know what the cause of cancer is. It’s toxicity. Toxicity causes a change in the internal environment of the body and the body then compensates. It’s trying to survive against it. It’s a nutritional depletion. The body is run down. It’s not getting what it needs, and then it’s loaded with all these toxic substances in the body, and in order to survive it goes into this rapid state of proliferation.'

He does not use chemotherapy nor does he use radiation. He focuses on the biochemical physiological markers of our bodies which through his protocols he brings a patient’s biochemical marker back into normal ranges, generally on the healthier side of the range.

Dr Buttar says many cancer patients actually die from cachexia (malnutrition), but nothing is really addressed as far as keeping the correct nutrients up to the body during treatments.

He maintains that according to conventional medical literature, most cancer is caused by some type of toxicity causing the immune system damage and yet Chemotherapy, Radiation, and surgery do not take care of the immune system.

He does extensive work with Autistic children, and is having a dramatic effect on their quality of life and that of their families.

Dr Buttar is of the belief that the underlying aetiology of cancer arises out of emotional, psychological or spiritual trauma.

His book ‘The 9 Steps to keep the Doctor Away’ is a must read and his DVD ‘Cancer – The Untold Truth’ is a must viewing.

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