I am extremely impressed with the Citizens Commission for Human Rights comprehensive and excellent research, the professional manner and thoroughness with which it has presented its findings via its DVDs, all of which I have. Whilst sometimes very confronting I found them to be compelling viewing, being extremely informative and educational in their content.

Psychiatry – An Industry of Death
The commentary on the back cover reads as follows:

This riveting presentation, two years in the making, lays bare the destruction wrought by psychiatrists upon every sector of our society. Graphic footage from archival and current films depicting psychiatrists in action, eye – opening interviews with medical experts and moving accounts from victims and their families, make this the most complete and devastating documentary of psychiatric abuse ever produced.

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Psychiatry’s Prescription for Violence

The commentary on the back cover reads as follows:

Documenting the impact of a multi-billion dollar psychiatric-pharmaceutical industry, this powerful and graphic video contains interviews with experts, parents and victims. Dramatic recordings of actual 911 calls made by desperate family members – and even by a killer himself – convey the chilling reality behind the headlines.

Here is the shocking truth behind the current wave of violence devastating our homes, schools and communities.

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‘The Marketing of Madness – Are We All Insane’ 

The commentary on the back cover reads as follows
"Psychiatry is probably the single most destructive force that has affected society within the last sixty years.”
----- Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus

Psychotropic drugging – it’s big business. This is the story of high-income partnership between psychiatry and drug companies that has created an $80 billion psychotropic drug profit centre.

But appearances are deceiving.

How valid are psychiatrist’s diagnoses - and how safe are their drugs?

Digging beneath the corporate veneer, this three-part documentary exposes the truth behind the slick marketing schemes and scientific deceit that conceal a dangerous and often deadly sales campaign.

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Making a Killing- The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging.

The commentary on the back cover reads as follows:

A tale of deception … Psychotropic drugs. It’s the story of big money – dugs that fuel a $330 billion psychiatric industry, without a single cure. The cost in human terms is even greater – these drugs now kill and estimated 42,000 people every year. And the death count keeps rising.

Containing more than 175 interviews with lawyers, mental health experts, the families of victims and the survivors themselves, this riveting documentary rips the mask off psychiatric drugging and exposes a brutal but well entrenched money – making machine.

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Dead Wrong – How Psychiatric Drugs Can Kill Your Child

The commentary on the back cover reads as follows:

"Had we been told the truth about the dangerous effects of the psychiatric drug our son was given, he would be alive today.”
___ Celeste Steubing

From the makers of the award winning documentaries Making a Killing – The Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugs and Marketing of Madness – Are We All Insane? comes a searing new documentary. Exposing how devastating – and deadly - psychiatric drugs can be for families.

Behind the grim statistics of deaths, suicides, birth defects and serious adverse reactions is the human faces of this global drugging epidemic – the personal stories of loss and courage of those who paid the real price.

Psychiatrists claim their drugs are safe for children?

Once you hear what eight brave mothers, their families, health experts, drug counsellors and doctors have to say instead, you will come away convinced of one thing ………….

Psychiatrists are DEAD WONG.

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Diagnostic and Statistical Manual - Psychiatry’s Deadliest Scam.

The commentary on the back cover reads as follows:
To me this [DSM] is a house of cards and you can take off one or two cards at the top or you can knock over the whole thing. I prefer nothing the whole thing.

- Dr Thomas Szasz M.D. Professor of Psychiatry Emeritus

An elaborate pseudoscientific sham ……….

Its 943 pages long and lists out 374 mental "disorders”.

It is the basis for the listing of mental disorders in the International Classification of Disease that is throughout the world.

And though it weighs less than five pounds, its influence pervades all aspects of modern society: our governments, our courts, our military, our media and our schools.

Using it, psychiatrists can enforce psychiatric drugging, seize your children and even take away your most precious personal freedoms.

It is psychiatry’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, and it is the engine that drives a $330 billion psychiatry industry.

But is there any proof behind the DSM? Or is it nothing more than an elaborate pseudoscientific sham?

From the makers of the award winning documentaries Making a Killing, The Marketing of Madness and Dead Wrong, comes the shocking truth behind psychiatry’s deadliest scam.

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