Here is an artilce by The Times about Phil Beadle

'The country's most inspirational teacher' (The Times).

"Beadle is a supremely gifted, passionate teacher who talks to his students in a way they respond to and connect with." (Will Woodward - Guardian) · "His classes are like a laboratory of teaching styles, wherein all possible approaches to teaching and learning are experimented with," (Teaching Awards Trust) · "Philip Beadle is an extraordinarily commanding teacher ... a late-starter to teaching who has become one of its finest practitioners. It would be hard not to be invigorated and inspired by his particular brand of teaching." (Teaching Awards Trust) · "Beadle is not only able to see the silver lining inside every hooded sweat top, he can even get them to see it themselves" (Katherine Flett - The Observer) · "Beadle is either totally insane, or some kind of inspired prophet, selflessly leading us all out of the education wilderness. An emerging national hero even: what Jamie Oliver was to school dinners, Beadle could become to inner-city education." (Barbara Ellen - The Observer) · "He looks like a rock star and is one of the best teachers in the country "(John Humphrys - Daily Mail) · "His approach is to cloak education in a kind of dazzle camouflage." (Thomas Sutclifffe - The Independent) · "He's charismatic, smart and most important of all, he gets the kids on his side" (Terry Ramsey - Evening Standard). · "I wouldn't even give him a job, let alone an award" (Liz Lewis - TES) "Invigorating, inspiring, exceptional" (GTC Magazine

Should you be interested to learn more about Phil Beadle here is the link to his web site