Some eight years ago my youngest daughter married and when she and her husband decided to start a family they encountered difficulties. It was around this time that my former wife and I became interested in and began researching hormones and health. We stumbled across Dr Peter Tunbridge and passed his details on to my daughter who subsequently consulted him. Having conducted a blood analysis he formulated and prescribed a cream comprising percentages by weight of progesterone, oestrogen and testosterone. Within a month of applying the cream as prescribed my daughter fell pregnant.

It was then that my former wife and I began consulting him, however life’s situations side tracked us and we did not follow through.

I began consulting Peter once again some eighteen months ago and he conducted blood tests. Upon receipt of the results he advised that I could be likened to and eight cylinder car performing on four cylinders. My oestrogen levels were high, my testosterone levels were low and I was deficient in Vitamin D and Human Growth Hormone.

I often wondered why some of my friends called me a bit of an old woman at times, now I knew why (lol).

He prescribed a testosterone cream and I am pleased to report that I am now an eight cylinder car firing on all eight cylinders.

The regime upon which I have embarked is about achieving optimal hormonal health as an integral part of building up and maintaining a healthy and strong mmune system.

I have found Peter to be open, honest and at times quite forthright and I should also add he has a wicked sense of humour.

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