Some time ago when consulting Michael of Healthy Life health food store at West Lakes (South Australia) he busied himself on his lap top and responded in depth to my query. When I asked to what he was referring he told me he uses an extremely comprehensive science based encyclopaedia of nutrition and natural health called Hyperhealth Pro version 10. When I asked what it was he gave me a demonstration and I was so impressed I was compelled to purchase a copy and I highly recommend it for domestic use.

The cover states it is Natural Medicine’s Physicians Desk Reference:

· Based on published medical research.
· Used by Physicians, Healthcare Professionals and Researchers world wide.
· Over 5,440 topics equal to a 48,895 page book.
· 65,487 clinical references

On the back cover it states topics dealt with:

· Ailments: Foods, Herbs, and Nutritional supplements that may treat, prevent or alleviate ailments that afflict the human body. Warnings about the toxins that may cause each ailment. Foods, Herbs or Nutrients that sometimes cause or exacerbate each ailment.

· Organs: Foods, Herbs and Nutrients to improve the functions of each organ of the body.

· Hormones/Body Chemicals, etc….: Explanation of the function of the Hormones, Neurotransmitters, Enzymes, Cells and Proteins that operate within the body.

· Foods: Listing the primary nutrients, including hundreds of nutraceuticals found in food. Therapeutic uses of each food. Cautions regarding the Toxins in each food that detract from its therapeutic benefit.· Herbs: Listings of the Nutrients and constituents of each herb and their therapeutic uses. Cautions regarding the Toxins contained in and possible adverse effects of each herb.

· Nutrients: Description and classification of each nutrient. Includes Amino Acids, Bioflavonoids, Carbohydrates, Enzymes, Fatty Acids, Organic Acids, Vitamins, Minerals and Nutraceuticals. Therapeutic uses and dietary sources of each nutrient. Positive and negative interactions with other nutrients.

· Toxins: Toxins found in the environment. Negative effects on human health. Nutrients, herbs and foods to counteract each toxin.

· Other topics Include: Life Extension strategies, cosmeceuticals, diets, complementary therapies and pharmaceutical drugs.

Hyperhealth highlights more than 117,000 connections between diet, nutrition and human health.

Here is the link to the Hyperhealth web site: