Robert Mathews and Diane McCann Mathews have developed a comprehensive workshop that awakens men to their inner most emotions, feelings, fears and thoughts. During the course of the workshop raw emotions surface that would not have otherwise been exposed. At times the course challenges one’s core values and beliefs. This can be confronting, however with Robert and Diane’s loving guidance, empathy, compassion and humility one feels safe and secure throughout the journey.
What is Man's Inner Journey?
· Man's Inner Journey (MIJ) is a personal development program designed specifically for Men.

· It is a non-residential weekend workshop, an opportunity to invest in yourself, gain inner peace and give new power and wholeness to your life and to all your relationships.

· MIJ is suitable for any man of any age, any career who is seeking to understand more of himself. By undertaking MIJ, you will achieve clarity about your strengths, your self-worth and the truth of who you are.

· MIJ offers a practical blend of information and experience that enables you to develop insights into the beliefs, attitudes, influences and patterns of behaviour that impact on the quality of your life outcomes.

· The workshop offers you the opportunity to identify the aspects of your life you would benefit from changing, and provides you with the tools to change them.

Topics covered in the workshop are:

· Relationships:
· Work;
· Birth;
· Sexuality;
· Relationship with one’s Father;
· Gender roles;
· One’s patterns;
· Manhood; and
· Self Esteem

I found MIJ to be very cathartic and the last segment of the workshop to be an extremely humbling and reverend experience.

I would have no hesitation in recommending MIJ to any man who wants to discover his inner most feelings; his self love, self worth, self respect and self esteem.

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