The Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants, better known as the POPs treaty, is a legally binding international agreement to protect human health and the environment from some of the most dangerous chemicals on earth. POPs are defined by their persistence in the environment, their bioaccumulation in nature and in people, and the harm they pose often far from the source. Countries that ratify the treaty are known as Parties commit to abide by its provisions. The POPs treaty calls on Parties to take action to eliminate the production of POPs, minimize unintentional sources, and clean-up and safely manage remaining stockpiles and wastes...................

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These POPs as they are known to attack our immune sytem and in conjunction with heavy metal toxicity and synthetics are a major cuase of the insidiuos chronic infection/desease that is inflicted daily upon our community.

Here is the link to 'The Dirty Dozen' being the more toxic of the POPs: 

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