The full and correct title is:

The 1971 Convention of Psychotropic Substances.


The Parties,

Being concerned with the health and welfare of mankind,

Noting with concern the public health and social problems resulting from the abuse of certain psychotropic substances,

Determined to prevent and combat abuse of such substances and the illicit traffic to which it gives rise,

Considering that rigorous measures are necessary to restrict the use of such substances to legitimate purposes,

Recognizing that the use of psychotropic substances for medical and scientific purposes is indispensable and that their availability for such purposes should not be unduly restricted,

Believing that effective measures against abuse of such substances require co-ordination and universal action,

Acknowledging the competence of the United Nations in the field of control of psychotropic substances and desirous that the international organs concerned should be within the framework of that Organization,

Recognizing that an international convention is necessary to achieve these purposes,

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