Rebirthing is a unique, gentle, yet profound breathing technique which releases physical, emotional and mental stress, energizes the body and brings about a deep state of relaxation and clarity of mind. During the process people may have profound insights and are able to see solutions to the things that are stressing them.
Rebirthing works predominately through a simple breathing process called "conscious connected breathing" or the "circular breath". This technique, through the breath, brings in more life force energy than one is normally used to having in their body. This extra life force energy may appear in the body as heat, pressure, cold, tingle, electrical currents, vibration and other body sensations. Specific areas of the body may become activated as this force flows through, bringing to awareness all the areas in the body/mind that are blocked. Emotions and memories may now safely surface about these blocks for the purpose of release. There may be areas of our lives that are currently not working due to these long ago blocked areas. Once released, our lives magically seem to change. People frequently report significant changes on long standing issues.

The breathing technique is connected breathing - breathing without any pause between inhale and exhale. The body is oxygenated and, as increased amounts of energy reach parts of the body that have long held tension, stored or suppressed memories, emotions and mental patterns are recalled and released. This kind of profound healing takes place in a safe environment where you are fully supported in a professional and nurturing atmosphere with a trained practitioner. Once the person has passed through the initial release stage, the session becomes meditative and a state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness is reached.

Breathwork is a process that increases our ability to feel and resolve the effects of our past. It involves breathing in a full, free manner guided by a trained breathworker. The result is an increase in the level of physical and spiritual energy in our body, thus cleansing the many tensions held there. By learning to breathe consciously and fully, we discover and release the core issues now held in our mind and emotions.

This process was developed it in the early 1970s and named rebirthing by metaphysical teacher Leonard Orr when both he and his first clients relived their births while engaged in the breathing. Rebirthing has since undergone many changes to become a more holistic process, addressing our entire childhood and life experience. Thus, many practitioners have stopped using the term rebirthing and embraced the name breathwork. However, understanding the birth experience is still one of the valuable results of breathwork.

Breathwork's contributions to psychology and personal growth include helping us to understand the effects our birth has had on individual self-esteem, relationships and family dynamics, as well as more specific issues like the addictive process and abuse. Breathworkers assist their clients with a wide variety of counseling tools and perspectives including the breathing process, as well as a general discussion of feelings and family knowledge that helps to get a picture of what occurred at the time of their birth. A key to all personal healing is to learn to feel again. As a result of early life being too traumatic or intense for us to stay present, we learned to numb ourselves to avoid feelings. Some of us used substances and behaviors to accomplish this; others just used behaviors. It is our feeling that virtually all of us have this issue. We call it addiction—the habit of not feeling or not being present. This is a slightly broader definition of addiction than you may be used to, but the inability to feel and be present is an addiction in that it’s a habit that we don’t know how to change and we subconsciously think we need it to survive. Our culture has supported this greatly by suggesting that the source of happiness is outside of us, in things. The subconscious communication is that these things would fix our pain. You don’t need to be drug-addicted to avoid feeling in a materialistic and sexualized society. There are millions of ways to avoid feeling and not be present with yourself. Breathwork is the most powerful healing tool we have ever experienced. It gives tremendous support in learning to feel and be present. After doing the process for a while, breathing becomes a moment-by-moment ritual for feeling, healing, and disengaging control. It’s very all-encompassing and can assist in all aspects of personal growth. It offers a major contribution to psychology in that it provides a nonverbal way to heal and it takes most people way beyond more verbal and cognitive therapies. It also results in such powerful emotional and spiritual releases that it addresses one’s whole process, from releasing traumas to healing relationships.

I have personally experienced several sessions of rebirthing/breathwork and found it to be an emotional yet beneficial and rewarding experience. The breathworker with whom I consulted to shift some of my emotional blocks is Julie Way and her loving guidance, empathy, compassion and humility makes one feels safe and secure throughout the process. Here is the link to Julie’s web site: .