I have now done three book and one DVD reviews and for Amazon.com they being:

I Am 
Abstract: From living an illusion to a Spiritual Awakening, September 18, 2012
Tom Shadyac was living a life of luxury, magnificent mansions, luxury vehicles, mixing and rubbing shoulders with high society, decadence, opulence, excesses and illusion typical of that of the superficial glitz, greed, glamour and gluttony of that what is known as `Hollywood'.

Having suffered a life threatening injury wherein he remained on the dark side of life for some nine months, Shadyac set about exploring `what is wrong with life' and `what is right with life'. To his astonishment he found it to be one and the same thing.

He began to question whether he was happy with his lot in life; that was the burning question! What is happiness? Can happiness be bought? From where do you find happiness?

Along the way he questioned his values and core beliefs and undertook a confronting personal inventory which caused a significant change in his mind set which in turn caused a substantial review of his values and core beliefs. He found it to be character building, however in a direction I suspect he had not even contemplated in his wildest dreams.

The following morning when meditating after having watched `I Am' the following `Creed' came to me

                                                     I Am
                                             I Am, That I Am
                                       I Am the Power of One


EVIDENCE OF HARM – Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy by David Kirby

Abstract: Putting Profit Before Patients: Man's inhumanity against mankind, July 7, 2012

Evidence of Harm is a factual, critical, meticulous and extremely thorough investigation of the machinations, greed, collusion, inhumane acts, corruption, cover ups, hidden agendas, obfuscation of facts, fear mongering, deceit, with holding of information regarding the harmful and toxic undesired effects of vaccinations and the questionable efficacy and safety of vaccinations by the FDA and the CDC.

Their pecuniary/vested and conflict of interests in their relationships with BigPharma is puerile, insidious and clearly a matter of putting `Profit Before Patients.' The torture of orthodox allopathic medicine that the FDA and CDC has inflicted upon the world population is reprehensible and unjustified when there are more humane alternative allopathic cancer treatments that provide a pain free, quality and dignity of a normal life throughout the treatment protocol. What if some of the $47 trillion spent on the `War on Cancer' to date had been spent on prevention and the alternative allopathic treatment protocols?

It is obvious that their hearts are not in it for the public interest and well being. It is painfully obvious that the FDA and CDC are places filled with egos of titanic proportions. Their primary focus is on their careers, working towards their fame, glory, fortune and recognition. What of the `Revolving Door Syndrome' where officers of the FDA and CDC can resign from the respective agencies one day, go to work for BigPharma the following day and subsequently lobby for the Fast Tracking and Grandfather clause approval of new drugs. And no one bats an eyelid! How insidious is this!

What if it was they who were put through the same persecution and purgatory with which they have hunted down Dr Stanislaw Burzynski? What if they were exposed to the same terrifying and horrific process with which they have treated Dr Stanislaw Burzynski's patients and those seeking out his treatment? Regrettably and sadly they have clearly demonstrated that they do not have an empathic, humane and compassionate bone in their respective bodies

The FDA and CDC are in breach and contravention of the Nuremberg Code, Article 19 `The Right to Know' and the Commission on the Rights of the Child. Given their actions in the matters of Alan Yurko and Gabrielle Swank the FDA and CDC have been complicit in a travesty of Natural and Social Justice and cruelty to humanity and should face the Judicial consequences of their actions.

THUGS, DRUGS AND THE WAR ON BUGS: How the Natural Healthcare Revolution Will Lead Us Past Greed, Ego, and Scary Germs by Dr Brad Case.

Abstract: Criminal violation of the Nuremberg Code and Article 19, The Right to Know Principle, September 23, 2011

In his book Dr Brad Case has comprehensively researched and documented the criminal actions, rhetoric, spin, insidious and incestuous relationship and deception of Big Pharma and the respective Government Agencies for pecuniary gain.

Big Pharma collectively donates millions of dollars to wannabe individuals who aspire to some day govern the country who then reciprocate the gluttony of burgeoning salaries of some $72M of Big Pharma executives while wantonly and knowingly killing and/or maiming infants and young children.

It is more insidious because of the revolving door concept where Big Pharma executives are surreptitiously appointed as Chief Executive, to Boards or Chairmanship of the respective Government Agencies whose primary function is to `supposedly protect' the general public from harm.

NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE and AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY: Criminal Indifference to Cancer Prevention and Conflicts of Interest by Professor Samuel Epstein

Abstract: Knowledge is the oxygen of democracy, September 21, 2011
Professor Samuel Epstein has written a gripping, informative, thought provoking and confronting book that provides a graphic insight into the machinations, incestuous and pecuniary relationships, of hypocrisy at its extreme indifference, and nonsensical 'spin' of the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society and the Federal Drugs Administration.