I am currently reading the book ‘Thugs, Drugs and the War on Bugs – How the Natural Healthcare Revolution Will Lead Us Past Greed, Ego and Scary Bugs’ (published in 2010) by Dr Brad Case; and have only read the first 136 pages and truly believe it is a must read since it empowers one to take control of one’s health.

It is such an informative and confronting expose of the incestuous, egotistical and pecuniary relationship between the US Food and Drug Administration, American Medical Association, American Cancer Society and Big Pharma.

He is highly critical of the unhealthy alliance between Big Pharma and the Food and Drug Administration.

Should you be interested to learn more about the book and in doing so want to purchase it, here are the respective links:



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and the link to a report ‘Death by Medicine’ to which he refers in his book: