U.N. Agenda 21 has been in the works for decades, spearheaded by environmentalists, foreign individuals, third world countries, and non-profit organizations around the world. In the name of protecting the environment, socialist global governance has been quietly implemented at all levels of government via government grants, public-private partnerships, and EPA regulations involving use of land and water, affecting every facet of our lives. Mandating population re-distribution in the name of biodiversity, re-educating our youth into sustainable everything, green jobs, green buildings, green cars, green energy, urban sprawl control, government bureaucrats from the United Nations and our own elected representatives are going to rezone us, resettle us, reduce our numbers, and tax us into the sustainable community described in the Wildlands Project Map. Forcing us out of cars, into bike paths, light rail, walkways, greenbelts, ever more conservation areas forbidden to humans, urban boundary zones, and high-density areas, U.N. Agenda 21?s 40 chapters will limit the behavior of individuals, organizations, and companies, covering everything we do in life. U.N. Agenda 21 and has been implemented administratively with help from ICLEI and little Congressional debate or involvement. Some of the provisions of U.N. Agenda 21 have been included in other laws passed. Presidential executive orders are forcing its implementation at the national level. Our sovereignty is at stake. We must stop U.N. Agenda 21 before it is too late. Every chapter of it violates our Constitution.

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