Here is an e-mail I sent to Mr Steven Cragle, Head of Media Relations, Merk Pharmaceuticals of which I cc'd Minister Tanya Plibersek into it.

Minister Tanya Plibersek of the Australian Federal Government approved the use of Gardasil vacination for use on young boys on Thursday 6th July 2012.

The latter part of the e-mail is not as relevant to the matter at hand. I included it to highlight the FDA and CDCs machinations and I will leave it to your imagination to that which I am alluding.

Below is the content of the e-mail

'Good evening Mr Cragle, Head of Media Relations, Merk Pharmaceuticals

Yesterday Minister Plibersek announced that Gardasil has been approved to vaccinate young boys here in Australia. Given my extensive research and reading regarding Gardasil and the manner with which Merk sought and gained ‘Fast Track’ approval by the FDA I was significantly concerned and disturbed by the announcement. I was particularly disturbed because Merk was found guilty of fraudulent activity as set out in the article by Natural News including the False Claims Act documents in the links cited below and in addition to which I came across today the following article:  

Mr Cragle I seek your response to my article wherein I seriously question the safety and efficacy of Gardasil and Merk’s practices, and ask as I have become accustomed, to responses within 2 working days from people such as Professor Chris Shaw, Professor of Neurology and Neurogenetics at Kings College London and Dr Jhodie Duncan ARC Future Fellow FNI, MBC, University of Melbourne, Florey Neuroscience Institute when I put to them my hypothesis regarding the effect of aluminium hydroxide upon serotonin, serotonin levels, receptors, uptake, or transport thereof in humans, that you likewise respond to my article within two business days please.

I should add that I have raised such concerns with the media.

My article as follows

I was appalled and abhorred to learn that the Federal Government gave approval to administer Gardasil to boys. Why do I say this? Read on. (The FDA approved Gardasil to be administered to boys and men from the ages 9 to 26 in 2009. It seems that the Federal Government hasn’t learnt from the mistake of the FDA and CDC.)

My reasoning:

Here is an article from Natural News as evidence of why we cannot trust Merk the manufacturer of the Gardasil HPV vaccine
and the relevant court ruling  

The following commentary is by Diane Harper MD MPH MS, Lead Researcher for Gardasil Vaccine Trials. She is one of the world’s top experts on HPV. In fact she is one of the leading scientists the pharmaceutical industries turn to.

‘The efficacy and safety of Gardasil is highly questionable since Gardasil will do very little to fight cervical cancer, and at the very least it should not be recommended for children younger than 15’.

Also read her comments in the article cited below:  

Then her comments from ‘The Greater Good’ documentary on vaccines/vaccinations:

‘I have had so many young girls come up to me and say, ‘I am so happy, I am one less’ and I said ‘What do you mean you are one less?’ I got Gardasil, so I am one less cancer death and I said You know if you got your PAP smears you would never have been a cancer death’. ‘The concept that our daughters are cancer deaths waiting to happen is just not accurate. Our death rate in the United States from cervical cancer is 3 per 100,000. They have a much higher chance of being a motor vehicle accident than they do of being a cervical cancer death. Merk was so egregious in their advertising and so aggressive, even though specifically true nothing about their advertisement was false. It was false in its overall impressions’.


‘The FDA has a particular process and that’s called Fast Tracking when there is a promising drug that comes forward. Gardasil, they had scheduled a four year trial but after 15 months they (Merk) went to the FDA and said ‘There is nothing like this on the market’ and said ‘Would you please consider this for Fast Track?’ The FDS said ‘Yes’ ‘and so within 6 months they approved it and as soon as they had it approved Merk said We are no longer going to continue our trial. We are going to stop our trial because our drug is now approved. So therefore we don’t know the long term side effects. We do know that there have been reports of pancreatitis, reports of autoimmune disease, reports of transverse myelitis and reports of juvenile amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig’s disease which is uniformally fatal in adolescence’.

When interviewed on CBS 4 News Dr Harper expressed her concerns over what she considers a rush to vaccinate. ‘We don’t know yet what is going to happen when millions of the doses of the vaccine have been given’.

Then there is the story of Gabrielle Swank who at 15 years of age at the release of ‘The Greater Good’ has suffered undesired effects (there is no such thing as side effects, the phrase is simply hollow rhetoric) of Gardasil they being:

· Two strokes;

· Partial paralysis on the right side of her face;

· Blood pressure problems;

· Partial vision;

· Intractable headaches;

· Chest pains; and

· Seizures

and for which she now takes some 40 drugs per day (to counter the undesired effects of the undesired effects, and the undesired effects of the undesired effects, and the undesired effects of the undesired effects, get the meaning?) in order to lead a ‘normal’ life. Just think of the quality and dignity of her life (or lack therefore) now and into the future, however long that may be. The cost of the drugs is $2,000.00 per month and that is with health insurance. Her parents have divorced and the bank has foreclosed on their family home. There is a debt of $100,000.00 in unpaid medical bills. ‘The Greater Good’ was produced in 2011 so I expect the debt would have grown to say $150,000.00 at this time.

The first year Gardasil was on the market Merk spent $100 million on advertising.

Since Gardasil has been approved there have been 18,000 adverse events reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) up until the release of ‘The Greater Good.’ What of the unreported adverse events?

Here are some links to ‘The Greater Good’ web site  

I am in the throes of writing up a posting for ‘The Greater Good’ on my web site. However I have taken extracts from Gary Null’s DVD ‘Vaccine Nation’ wherein it exposes the criminality, collusion, corruption and the complicit machinations of the FD, CDC and the judicial system and makes for confronting yet compelling reading as does the Null documentary. The central story is about the incarceration of Alan Yurko for life plus ten years with no parole for allegedly shaking his 3 month old baby son to death.

Vaccine Nation link

Alan Yurko  

The link to my web site  

Further examples of the machinations of FDA and CDC

The DVD ‘Burzynski the Movie’ highlights the FDA’s unrelenting persecution of Dr Stanislaw Burzynski and his highly successful antineoplaston protocol for treating Gioblastoma Multiforme brain cancer the most aggressive of brain cancers The FDA has had him before 6 Grand Juries with no indictment!! The Texas Medical Board has similarly pursued Burzynski without success. Then there are the children with Gioblastoma Multiforme brain cancer who the FDA dictates must undergo 3 rounds of chemo and radiation before the FDA will consider approving them for treatment by Dr Burzynski. Burzynski provided some 60 treatment protocols and the FDA even assisted one of his former female students in attempting to fraudulently steal his patents.

May I suggest that you read my book review of Evidence of Harm on wherein I comment about the persecution of Dr Burzynski and the fear and trauma that the FDA and CDC inflict in the hearts of the families of children seeking treatment by Dr Burzynski. Scroll down to the abstract ‘Putting Profit Before Patients: Man's Inhumanity Against Mankind’  

Here are some safer alternative and more humane cancer treatments and protocols.

Here are the links for Dr Stanislaw Burzynski (antineoplastons), Dr Rashid Buttar (5 Step Protocol Treatment for cancer) and Professors Dan Burke and Gerry Potter (Salvestrols) and those of my web site postings too.

Dr. Burzynski  

Dr Rashid Buttar  

Professors Dan Burke and Geoffrey Potter There are numerous links at the conclusion of my posting.

I trust you find my comments and links informative and educational reading and perhaps may be worthy of a news item or short documentary.

I have the relevant DVDs should you decide to further investigate my comments.